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Hump Day in Kansas


I'm at 1200 miles and still trucking. Driving through the rain with moments of white knuckles and enjoying all of it. Today, particularly, I decided to get a nice cup of coffee. I've been getting starbucks but it hasn't been cutting it. I needed, no demanded, coffee from a place called something like "Beans Coffee House". And, i found it. Westport Coffee Bar. I ordered a Latte that upped my spirts to 100. It was so good that I ordered an Americano, that i would put in my red Hydro Flask, thanks Natasha and Ericko, for later.


After that delight i decide to get lunch and found high marks for, "Westport Flea Market bar and grill". As i walked in there was an older gentleman sitting alone reading the paper. I asked if it would be alright if i could take his photo. He said yes. Snapped off a couple and got to talking. He happened to be mayor of KC for 8 years. It's incredible what happens if you let it. Also, I had the best burger I have ever eaten. It all working out great so far. 

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